Can you wow a brand?

Can you fix brand business pain?

Can you pitch it in 3 minutes?

Introducing Brand Date, a new format that will challenge you to think creatively and put you in the spotlight at MAD//Picnic.

We’ll soon be announcing a series of live brand challenges where CMOs and client-side leaders will be asking for your help in easing business pains, doing things better and securing new opportunities.

The pitches are open to anyone. You could be a rising star at a brand, an agency network, a publishing powerhouse, a tiny tech start-up or a global madtech player.

If you’re selected, you’ll have the chance to pitch your big idea to the brand and a live audience. The most popular pitch wins an extravagant MAD//Picnic date with the brand (plus major kudos from brands and folk in the crowd).

Picnic + party

This isn’t just any picnic...This is a MAD//Picnic! Quite simply, there is no other invite-only picnic for the UK’s 500 top brands, media and tech leaders.

MAD//Picnic is a unique opportunity to ditch humdrum conferences and make sure you get to know the industry influencers and decision makers.

During the day, we’ll be giving out dozens of picnic baskets packed to the brim with goodies - you just need to choose a lunch partner (you won’t have to look very hard).

Like all good picnics, expect good conversation, music and a memorable experience spent meeting people, solving brand challenges and hearing from rockstar speakers.

When you’ve had your fill inspiring content and connections, we’ll be throwing an unmissable summer party in the garden where you can enjoy street food, entertainment and late night chat with the industry’s pacesetters and disruptors.

You’ll leave MAD//Picnic feeling energised, full to the brim with ideas and quite possibly a little bit tipsy…

Inspiring Innovation + ideas

If you’re sociable, inquisitive and want to play an active role shaping the future of marketing, advertising and disruptive tech, MAD//Picnic is the summer shindig for you. Don’t miss:

  • Brand date - a bit like the iconic TV show, give the most impressive answers, provide what a future partner is looking for and you could win a date with a CMO in a series of brand challenges. There will be chemistry, career opportunities and new partnerships. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about our brand challenges!

  • Rockstar speakers, town hall style - supercharge your marketing and be inspired by dynamite keynotes throughout the day on our central Hexagon stage. Expect big names, big ideas and big opportunities!

  • Mad//Huddles - MAD//Picnic brings together people with a shared interest in the latest tech, tools and tactics through a series of intimate Huddles. Join the conversation, discover fresh thinking and leave with your brain fizzing with new possibilities.

  • Innovation uncovered - meet the brains behind brilliant martech, adtech and disruptive technologies. Future-gaze and be the first to try out the latest emerging tech that will transform engagement, experience and entertainment.

Get me there

Brands, agencies and media owners can request an invitation here (eligibility criteria applies)

If you’re a tech provider and want to engage with the UK’s 500 most influential tech, media and digital buyers, click here to find out about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities.

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